The Camps

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Developing skill

Children will learn a wide range of core musical skills during our sessions, but it definitely won't feel like work. They get enough regimented teaching at school, so we keep it relaxed with an approach that feels exciting and inspiring, much more like a club than a classroom.

Skills we teach include:

  • ✶ Time and groove
  • ✶ Exploring electronic instruments/sounds
  • ✶ Collaboration exercises
  • ✶ Practising and showcasing songs
  • ✶ Time signature exploration
  • ✶ Improvisation
  • ✶ Live performance techniques

Showcasing talent

Everything builds up to a special event where they showcase their talents to an invited audience, in a real venue with professional gigging musicians. It's a brilliant experience for them, and for parents we guarantee a much more entertaining show than the last school nativity.

What happens in the lessons?

Each student sits at their own set of practice pads so they can all master the skills together. Student's will learn in a collaborative atmosphere that encourages creativity and experimentation, because that's how children develop their own personal style. It's more than just learning to play. It's about learning to be in a band and feeding off the talents of others.

They also get the chance to perform in front of the class with the teacher and put everything they've learned into practice on professional equipment. We don't talk in confusing musical jargon and keep it all conversational because we want kids to see us as band members, not lecturers.

Synergy Camps


Courses during half term or school holidays, perfect for keeping kids entertained for a full week while parents are at work.

Monday - Friday
15 hours of drumming
Building on specific techniques each day
Showcase at the end of the week