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Teaching the rock stars of tomorrow

There's a stigma about children's music lessons that really puts people off. The assumption that it's all about sheet music, stuffy practice rooms and even stuffier teachers.

But these days, how many young kids want to sit at the piano and memorise Mozart's Minuet in G? Or squeak their way through a nerve-jangling cello recital? There's nothing wrong with classical music, but when you're nine-years-old, it's probably YouTube you're into, not Radio Three.

That is why we do things differently.

We teach children how to play in a band. And we encourage them to dream big too. Do they want to play Glastonbury one day? There's no reason why not. We have, and standing on that stage is an incredible feeling.

The best way to teach young people is to give them an exciting and creative experience, with personal tuition from players who love contemporary music. We want to inspire the next generation of musicians by giving them the perfect environment where they can explore their talents.

It’s all in the music

Children's musical tastes evolve constantly, switching from rock to hip hop to electronica at a moment's notice. And it's that diversity that leads to great ideas. That's why we let them help decide what songs they play, and we're just as comfortable teaching a Kanye West track as a Metallica classic.

Music is a massive part of our lives, and we want to give children the chance to feel the same.

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