What are Synergy Camps?

It's a different way of learning that feels nothing like your average music lesson. We teach kids to play modern songs they love, in an exciting environment that makes them feel like they're really in a band.

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A balance of structure and creative freedom

Our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers, so they know how to keep control of a room of raucous kids. But raucous is exactly how they should be. Playing music should be an adrenalin-rush, so our lessons are designed to let children experiment, smash a drum kit to their heart's content, and improve their technique while they're at it.

Classes tailored to varying abilities

Each child will be part of a band so there's no waiting in line for the instruments. With 4-5 kids per adult, the sessions are completely interactive so there's no chance of anybody getting left out. We know kids pay attention when they get attention so we make sure everyone feels involved.

It's not about grades

(but they learn just as much without them)

The moment you focus lessons on grades, you sap all the fun out of it. So instead we concentrate on nurturing talent where the goal is more about being able to play their favourite track and sounding as good as the original. All our teaching is structured so it will certainly prepare children for grade exams, but we put enjoyment front and centre.